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Handy guide to buying cheap car insurance

In today’s era, nearly every family has a car as their primary mode of transportation. The reason being very obvious that car is a convenient medium for daily use. But increased numbers of cars and accidents have made it compulsory to protect this pet of yours. You need to buy car insurance to protect it against theft, accidents or any other mishaps.  Due to high demand, premium rates are soaring high. You definitely don’t want to overburden yourself with high premium payments every other month. So cheap car insurance is what you need, but it is not that easy to find one. I have compiled a handy guide to find cheap car insurance or my viewers and I will keep updating it until I make it perfect.

Here it is:

1. Compare rates online. Premium rates vary from one insurance company to another. So make use of one those comparison sites to drill down the cheapest car insurance available within your range. You just need to fill up your requirements and the quote engine will generate quotes suitable to your needs. Shortlist those that fits in your budget.

2. Make sure that your car is in proper condition. Manufacturing and make of the car also plays a vital role in determining the premium rates. To mild down this factor stuff your car with extra security features such as burglar alarm, cameras, airbags, etc.

3. Don’t over burden your car insurance policy with features you would never need. Drop the extra features like collision cover if you are a safe driver and live in a less urban area. This would lower down your cost.

4. Try bargaining or discounts. Always ask for more. You can enquire about additional discounts depending upon your criteria. Insurance companies’ offers special discounts to students with high grades, military officials, and individuals with a good driving record, teachers and many more. So don’t forget to ask about additional discounts.

5. Multiline discounts can also be an escape. Buying policies for multiple cars can also attract additional discount on the rates. So if you have more than one car, consider buying insurance from the same company.

6. Carry higher deductibles if you think your car is less susceptible to car accidents or theft. As you increase the deductible, premium rates will automatically decrease down. But keep in mind that whenever a claim is filed for your car, you will have to justify the deductible amount only then the insurance company will start paying.

7. Buying multiple insurance from same company will also help you in lowering the cost. Suppose, if you have a home insurance and you want to buy car insurance Supermarket for your car, enquire if the same company offers car insurance as well. This will make you eligible for more discounts.

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